the Divine Speaker

Raius Attreo

  • Race: Human
  • Age: 79
  • Country of Birth: Nishra
  • Nationality: Nishran
  • Religion: Student of Roon
  • Height: 6’0
  • Weight: 135 lbs
  • Eyes: Grey !

Quote: “Roon watches over you, child. But you must help him, from time to time, for he is a very busy fellow.”

The Divine Speaker is the spiritual and political leader of Nishra, but many a Student of Roon outside of her borders look to the Speaker for strength and leadership as well. Most Speaker’s were once Cardinals, but that is not always the case – more than a few have moved up directly from the Chorus.

Raius Attreo is the current Speaker, and is well beloved among its people. He has held the post for thirty-three years.


Many books and songs have been written about the life of the current Speaker. As his legend grows, so to grow the tales. Everyone seems to have known him or met him at some point in their life, and many have a personal story about his benevolence or his sordid past.

Raius Attreo grew up in Port Sancrist, the son of a sailor and a city clerk. He was known, and freely admits to, having been in a number of scraps and fights as a child. He lived in a number of poor apartments and shacks, mostly with his mother, as his father was often out to see, working.

At seventeen his mother died, and Raius joined the Nishran Navy. It was here that he rose quickly in the ranks, becoming first an officer, than Captain of his own ship. His knack for divine magic, learned mostly from his ship’s steward, would catch the eye of Cardinal Gideon, who was Cardinal of the Navy at the time. Gideon would send Raius off to Arda Namara, on orders, for Raius would not go willingly.

There, despite a number of scuffles with his peers, Raius excelled. He was offered a post in the Chorus at thirty years of age, an impressive feat, but he would turn it down in order to rejoin with the Navy.

With his new double-rank in the Navy as well as the Holy Guard, Cardinal Gideon made him an Admiral in command of a dozen ships. It was Gideon’s last act as Cardinal of the Navy, before being promoted to High Cardinal and Grand Marshal of the Nishran Army.

During an epic battle known as the Twilight Blitz, a “rogue” Licadian Admiral in command of fifty warships swept in toward the country of Myscira during the twilight hours. Myscira’s own Navy was far out to see on maneuvers, a well exploited fact, one that might have lead to the fall of the wealthy country itself had a large portion of the Nishran Navy not been far off at the time. Receiving the distress call, the only two fleets in range were Admiral Raius Attreo’s twelve ships, and Cardinal Turaylon’s fleet of fifteen.

They swept in to defend Myscira, their allies, from the brutal assault by the Licadian “rogue” Admiral. When Cardinal Turaylon’s personal flagship, the Glory of the Firestar was destroyed, and the Cardinal slain, Raius took command of the combined fleets and, with a series of brilliant tactical maneuvers, raw cunning, and outrageous fortune, won the battle.

It wasn’t long before Raius was promoted to Cardinal of the Navy, at the then-unheard-of age of thirty-one.

After serving as commander of the Navy for another fifteen years, the Speaker at the time, Bellaphara Illajia, stepped down. Though there were many Cardinals his senior, some by well over a century, the vote of the White Council, whose members include the Cardinals and the Chorus, chose Raius Attreo to fill the role.

He accepted, and has been the spiritual and political head of the nation for thirty-three years.

History of the Speakership

The history of the Divine Speaker traces back to before the Pilgrimage, to Nishara Billit himself. When Nishara began to hear the voice of Roon and preach it, long before he lead his revolution, his followers began to refer to him as the Speaker for the Voice. Since then, there has always been a Speaker, traditionally head of the nation, to interpret the will of Roon and lead Nishra to glory.

List of Divine Speakers

  • Nishara Billit – Folk Hero and First Cleric of Roon. Human Male. Lead the Holy Revolution and the Pilgrimage to Freeland.
  • Mina Billit – Daughter of Nishara, and took over the role reluctantly upon his death.
  • Belichor Machias – The first Dwarven Speaker. Held the position for almost two hundred years. Is most famous for the construction of Arda Namara and the fabled Ziggurat therein.
  • Valorin Grandriz – An expert tactician and warrior. Many of his techniques and battle strategies are still taught today. Lead the nation through the First War with Licadeis, and was assassinated a week after the war ended. His death lead to the creation of the High Guard position.
  • Tanas Cromwell – The Speaker to gain the position at the most advanced age, Cromwell was seventy-five when he was voted into power. He pulled Nishra back together again after the war, and held the position for fifteen years.
  • Indis Raysado – Held the position for twenty-four years. She is responsible for much of the spread of the belief of Roon and the Hebdomad beyond Nishra. It was during her Speakership that the Elven nation of Owa was overrun, and she sent most of the Nishran army down south beyond the Black Lands to help them fight the Empire of Vashigal. She helped broker the deal that convinced the dwarves of Fesrven to find the elven refugees a home.

Story So Far . . .

After the disastrous Fall of Arda Namara, and his resurrection of the Knight-Lieutenant Lady Priam, the Speaker has been wrapped up not only in the machinations of the war effort but also in communing with the celestial servants of Roon and the Hebdomad.

the Divine Speaker

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