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The Codex of Roon

“In all pursuits, dedication. In all beliefs, conviction. In all decisions, wisdom. The Path of Truth is paved with these.” – Codex of Roon, Enlightenment, Chapter 6:4

“Fill the belly with laugher, and the heart with love. The mind’s hunger cannot be sated such.” – Old Proverb, Unknown Origin

“If in knowledge we find power, and in power we find corruption, then can true goodliness be found only amongst the ignorant? Of course not. Don’t be silly. Crack a book, you fools.” – Zorian Attreo, famous adventurer, scholar, and bard.

Chapter 1 – The World of Vali

  1. Continents of Vali
    1. Freelund – Eastern Continent
    2. Rindr – Western Continent
    3. Hasadre – Southern Continent
    4. The Ardents – Northern Continent/Island Chain
  2. Nations of Freelund
    1. Avalas – A friendly nation of free-thinkers, iconoclasts, and artists.
    2. Empire of Vashigal – A powerful desert empire. Known for their rigid caste system.
    3. Fesrven – A small mountainous nation, made up of dwarves and free elves.
    4. Kaiule – A feudalist nation comprised of orcs, hobgoblins, and ogres.
    5. Licadeis – An oligarchic magocracy, whose nationalized industry is run mostly by slaves.
    6. Myscira – A matriarchal free capitalist nation. Known for its wealth and its mithril.
    7. Nishra – The center of the Roonish faith and spiritual capitol of Freelund.
    8. Rastienne – A parliamentary kingdom, known for its architecture and ancient nobility.
  3. Regions of Freelund
    1. The Black Lands – A sinkhole of the blackest magic and the most foul creatures.
    2. Owa – The remaining half of the former Elven nation, now a haunted ruin.
    3. The Farwyld – A distant tundra on the furthest northern tip of Freelund, beyond Licadeis.

Chapter 2 – Dramatis Personae

  1. World Leaders
    1. Brindin Lorel and Isaj Bano – Head Senators of Avalas
    2. Zevanaya – Emperor of Vashigal
    3. Raius Attreo – Divine Speaker of Nishra
    4. Dira Risone – High Minister of Licadeis
    5. Amelie Beryl – Liason to the Mysciran Trade Circle

Chapter 3 – Culture

Chapter 4 – Politics

Chapter 5 – The Arcane

Chapter 6 – The Divine

Chapter 7 – Legends

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