Gideon pel'Aggonar

Cardinal Gideon

  • Race: Dwarf
  • Age: 236
  • Country of Birth: Nishra
  • Nationality: Nishran
  • Religion: Student of Roon
  • Titles/Rank: Cardinal, Grand Marshal, Honorary Knight of Fesrven
  • Height: 4’10
  • Weight: 250 lbs
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Quote: “Tomorrow? On this day – victory. Tomorrow, we shall talk about tomorrow.”

Gideon is the First Cardinal of the Armies of Nishra, and second in line for speakership.

As Grand Marshal of the Nishran Army, Cardinal Gideon is in command of every military force in the nation. He is the head strategist, and reports only to the Speaker himself. He doesn’t have his own Army, though his personal retinue, the First Battalion, is widely joked to be an Army onto itself. He instead travels to where he is most needed.

In peacetime, Gideon and the First Battalion garrison Arda Namara.


Gideon pel’Aggonar, son of Mhog Shatterstar and Alhana Vexa, lived his entire life in battle. Born to two of the most honored dwarven warriors alive, he spent much of his youth attempting to live up to their legacy. He joined the Nishran military as a stripling, and quickly won the highest accolades. He lead a number of expeditions and incursions during the Monstrous Revolution, where he would eventually be awarded the rank of general.

In the Black Lands, in the failed campaign known as the Bloody Scourge, Gideon pel’Aggonar was lead into a trap by General Ragus Vetrusa, a Nishran traitor and spy. Gideon’s army, surrounded on all sides by the traitorous troops of General Ragus and thousands of undead, were scattered and routed. Seperated into small groups, running for their lives among the black swamps and foul monsters, they had little hope of survival. Over the course of a week, however, Gideon managed to collect small groups of his former army together, carving a safe place in the foul Black Lands, hiding in secret from General Ragus.

Finally, Gideon set a trap for Ragus’ men, using his now intimate knowledge of the fetid swamps and the creatures that lurked there. Gideon and his remaining thousand men routed Ragus’ six thousand in less than an hour using traps, guerilla tactics, and sheer combat prowess.

When Gideon returned home, the traitor Ragus in tow, he was awarded the rank of Cardinal.

He has been Cardinal for fifty years, and has ascended to First Cardinal and Grand Marshal in that time. Before the current Speaker, Raius Attreo, was elected, many believed and requested that Gideon run for the office. He declined, famously stating: “Give me the most foul monsters on this world to fight, and I will not shy away. Politicians, however, give me nightmares.”

Story So Far . . .

Cardinal Gideon was away at the northern border of Nishra when the Third War broke out. He and his First Battalion made haste to the capitol, but didn’t arrive in time to prevent it’s destruction. Since that day, he an his battalion haven’t left the Speaker’s side. He was responsible for the construction of the fortified camp dubbed Stone Guard.

He is also in charge of the defense of Nishra and the war, and has been consumed with that duty since.

Gideon pel'Aggonar

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