Dira Risone

Dira Amalia Risone

  • Race: Human
  • Age: 40
  • Country of Birth: Licadeis
  • Nationality: Licadian
  • Religion:
  • Height: 5’9
  • Weight: 119
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Green
  • Quote: Oh, the war goes well? Splendid.

Dira Risone is the High Minister of Licadeis and an extremely accomplished mage. She was chosen for the position two years ago, and in that time has doubled the Licadian military. So far her most notable accomplishment has been the enslavement and deployment of the Valravne bird people as devastating aerial cavalry.


Dira Risone was groomed to become a mage from birth. Born to peasant couple in Meridian, the Seekers found her before she’d even nursed at her mother’s bosom. They acquired her for House Eldristay, who recognized her blossoming power and trained her for nobility. She learned wizardry alongside diplomacy and etiquette, and rose to the Red Conclave at the unheard-of age of nineteen.

Charming, extremely intelligent, and powerful, few could stand in the way of her rise to fame and glory. At age twenty-five she was head of the Evoker’s Council, and by thirty-two she became the closest advisor to High Minister Graylin Duke. When he retired six years later, no one was surprised when Graylin chose Risone to be his successor.

As High Minister, her first act was to commission a massive expedition to the Farwylds. The mission was a success, and not only did the northern border of Licadian expand slightly, but the expedition came back with hundreds of strange shapeshifter bird-men slaves in tow. She immediately pressed them into the military as airborne shock troopers.

Story So Far . . .

When Amon, the young profit causing such a stir in Licadeis, came to her personally to meet, it took less than an hour for her to hand over one of the five Licadian Legions to him. Though the odd promotion caused quite a stir, Amon proved to be an effective commander and diplomat, as well as differing to Licadian head Marshal Helavan. Amon’s ability diverted much of the public outrage away from Risone.

When the Rastese Holy Daughter was murdered, seemingly by Nishran assassins, Risone called upon their ancient alliance and swore to aid Rastienne in whatever action they would take. The outraged people of Rastienne, distraught over the loss of the Holy Daughter Viviana, screamed for blood. When the Rastese launched their massive invasion fleet, Risone made sure the Licadian forces were right beside them.

Risone has handed the managing of the war over to Marshal Helavan and Amon, and reports say she has been deeply involved in a project of unknown origin ever since.

Dira Risone

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